Fake connect a Monitor


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17 Responses

  1. Harzen says:

    HOW TO VIEW SECOND MONITOR DUDE? lol why you do not answer us? is theres any way to open a window or program in specyfic x,y coord?

  2. Ricardo says:

    Hi, i have a problem, i did that, and at first i was able to get the “virtual” screen, but unable to change resolutions, but afterwards, i did something and it wont show the virtual screen and the detect button seems to stop working, i have connected a couple of real monitors and it works as usual (able to extend desktops or whatever)

  3. Rokas says:

    How to view the second monitor?

  4. gizmo says:

    i dont know how to set diffren resolution, mayby you need to use custom resolution utility software, but tell me one: how to put something on this monitor? i need to open folder in exactly position x,y how to do that if i dont see? theres any software to have option to see pulpit of this fake monitor?

  5. Thomas says:

    Thanks for that brilliant idea and documentation.
    Does anybody have a trick to change the Display Resolution of the virtual fake Monitor? In my case it says 1280×720 and the field is grayed out.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Randall says:

      Hi Thomas,

      I am stuck at the same issue: pre-selected resolution of 1280×720, with selection grayed out…

      Did you find a way to access these settings?

  6. Mathias says:

    I don’t see those grey things in step 2?
    i am using windows 8 on a pc.
    I already have too moniters, but I know that the grapcic card has room for three! (I had three, but i broke the moniter)

  7. gizmo says:

    not possible to setup virtual monitor if you have only 2 connections on your mainboard, so check how many connections left, maybe you can choose diffrent graphic card not on your mainboard ,if you have,

    can somebody explain me how i can use this virtual monitor?
    how to open window on this monitor in specific position?
    theres no application to do that,
    if somebody found or know what to do this please let me know


  8. ValsNoisyToys says:

    A great guide, unfortunatly on Windows 7 on my PC I get to step 5 before I hit a snag. (I have two monitors atm, but I need a third virtual monitor of OBS Projector).

    When I hit apply, I get the error message “Unable to save display settings” even though it lets me select “extend desktop”. The other values are set to: Display – 3. Display Device on: VGA; resolution (grayed out), Orientation (grayed out), Multiple Displays: Extend desktop to this display.

    Can you help?

    • RobinJack0r says:

      I actually had this error once while trying to setup a 5th Monitor if I remember correct. It can happen if we hit a limit for your graphics card in general (not important that its a virtual monitor). Under display in my case I can currently for example choose between:
      Available display Output on: Intel HD Graphics
      Available display Output on: Nvidia Geforce…
      You could check if you have more than one adapter (I think in step 4) and see if the secondary might work. If nothing works, do you definitely need the 3rd Monitor?

      • ValsNoisyToys says:

        I thought I had a builtin one on my motherboard, but maybe I turned it off… I’ll have to check. As for having a 3rd monitor, yes. My main is taken up with what I’m streaming, the 2nd one is taken up with various windows (chat, obs, music player, clock, etc), so the 3rd one would be needed as a ‘false’ monitor in order to use OBS projector. However, I have found another solution entirely for my issue which means I don’t need 2 copies of OBS running any more and no need for the 3rd virtual monitor.

        However, thank you so much for your answer. :)
        — Val

  9. gizmo says:

    yeaaa its work, but tell me how i can move any window to this fake monitor? theres no preview, i looking for software where i can have preview and simply move window to this fake monitor, any ideas?

  10. Lars says:


    great tutorial.
    Unfortunatly, I cannot follow step 2. I just do not see any other (gray) monitor besides my main monitor.
    What am I missing? I am using Windows8 on a Mac laptop.

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Hmm, it could be that your laptops GPU is “limited” and does not offer more connections.
      I have to say, I have no idea if those Mac laptops support quicksync/fake monitors.

  11. Sto says:

    I get a second cursor in the left corner of my screen and the mouse can go further to the left (ive tried moving the fake monitor to a corner,it works but the mouse pointer in the corner of the screen remains).

  12. Zoltan says:

    On the G3258 I had to drag the intel fake monitor around to a corner, this helps so you can still do half page window resize, but it also resolved my black screen issue.