How to do a 16:9 stream with any size of Video-input


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2 Responses

  1. Reaper says:

    Hey, so I am trying too stream League of Legends, but my resolution for in-game is 1600x 900 Bordless and my screen is 1920×1080 what can I do to have the OBS league of legends source too fit the whole screen of it? If I stretch it it becomes blurry and I dont’ want that neither have some images or text around… the only way for me too let it fit is too play on 1920×1080 resolution in-game too, is there anyway too fix it?

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Mhm, you could probably set OBS to 1600×900 as the base if you mainly capture and play LoL and stream at that resolution. If you capture your desktop in between at 1080p, you would have to fit its source to the screen, but it would be downscaled so it should stay pretty sharp. In this case your viewers will get a 16:9 stream and can watch it slightly upscaled if they fullscreen it on their 1080p Monitor. The only way to get it “crisp” for your viewers AND you is to stream and play at 1080p.
      But some of your viewers will probably never fullscreen the stream anyway, so they can see the chat and interact for example. And most of your viewers will be used to seeing lower res streams as well. On twitch for example you often see 720p streams which still look pretty ok if you fullscreen them on your 1080p Monitor.