How to exclude Audio (Voice-Com, Music, etc.) from your Stream/Recording?


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  1. Thamathar says:

    Hi I was trying to do this but I’m using an Headset, but when I plugin the headset on the back, I can’t not select the front on the stereomix (I have chose the options to have 2 separate linesof of the output). It will only show me the one that is connected

  2. LotGolein says:

    Hey I have the problem i can only hear my Team Speak when i select the VB Audo virtual cabel nothing other.

  3. Check This Out says:

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  4. Dr. Drath says:

    I have the VAC setup on my computer however I have been experiencing crackling/stuttering of audio when using some games which I suspect is overflows/underflows. How would I fix this in the VAC control panel?

  5. Snigjie says:

    hi, is there a way i can get all of my audio to come through both my usb headset and my optical output but exclude my one audio output to the optical and still have it through the usb headset?

    • RobinJack0r says:

      That depends on what you mean exactly with that “one audio output”, with VAC you can pretty much create as many cables as you need to split things or mix them as you want to, so in general, yes.

  6. taylor says:

    Ok i need help with this cause i killing my self over it. I would like to stream on twitch but while i am streaming a game i would like the audio from team speak to be present aswell so it can be heard on the stream along with the game play. Now my problem is i have a pair of px22’s so i have a chat volume and a game volume dial and while i stream the game and the ts audio i need these to work or the other is just too loud is there anyway to do this at all?

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Hey, I guess that means the PX22 is listed as 2 devices in Windows? Hmm, you could probably use 2 Virtual Audio Cables to first grab the sound, then send it to each of the Headset devices, and combine it once on a 3rd Virtual Audio Cable for your recording software.

  7. ComradeQRF says:

    Can anyone help me with this…

    When i play windowsmediaplayers as a direct audio source for OBS, i still hear it from me desktop speakers…

    Is there anyway that i wont be able to hear it from my speakers and can only here it for my OBS stream on twitch ?

  8. Karas says:

    Hello, My Devices – Speakes (Sven, Stereo), MotherBoard (Msi G77-A43), Headphones (SteelSeries Syberia v2 with USB SoundCard 7.1 virtual surround sound). Im Using Skype, Xsplit, VLC Media Player and wanna stream some games on Twitch. So can I ask what should i do to hear Music+Skype+Game through my headphones, but on stream will be (different situations) 1)Game Sound Only 2)Skype+Game sound 3)Music+Game sound 4)Skype+Music+Game sound. And i wanna listen to Game with my virtual 7.1 surround, all other can be stereo (but it will be pretty nice if Music will be 7.1 too). P.S. Sry for my language, havent got practice for a long time.

  9. pizza man says:

    hi, i have problems sending the 2nd output to my speakers. I followed your instructions and my 2nd output (in my case the music player foobar) is successfully excluded from the stream. BUT: i cant hear the music on my main speakers.
    i set my (activated) stereomix to listen to the second output, but nothing happens. all i hear is the main audio (wich is also streamed).

    i use OBS 0.635b on windows 8.1. any ideas?

    • pizza man says:

      p.s. foobar is successfully playing the music on the additional headset i attached to the fron (second output). only the forwarding of the second output via steromix to my main speakers seems to fail…

      • RobinJack0r says:

        You want to stream/record without music right? In this case, connect your speakers to the front port and your headset to the back port. (Foobar setup should be correct already as well as the listen to) Now if your software records the back port, it will only record your desktop sound and no music and the stereomix will forward the sound to your speakers at the front port).
        (Currently, your headset receives both the desktop audio and music)

        • pizza man says:

          thx for your response. As far as i can see the stereomix doesnt seem to forward anything. i have speakers both to the back (the one i am using) and to the front (where foobar is configured to – “the 2nd output”).
          Currently i hear only the main sound and NOT the 2nd output e.g. foorbar. And that is exactly what is being recorded. Stereomix Level is set to 100% and is listening to the 2nd output.
          Any more ideas??

        • pizza man says:

          i also check the stereomix tutorial

          which also doenst work for me. Must be something with the forwarding nut no idea what… i have a common realtek chip on a gigabyte ga-h87-d3h

          • RobinJack0r says:

            Hmm, the listen to function of windows can be dodgy sometimes. You could try de-activating any listen to you set, restart your system and then set them again. If it just does not want to work, you could of course grab VirtualAudioCable and use its repeater. Thats a little tool that comes with the program.
            The VAC Line1 would be your default playback device, with the repeater you forward it to your Headset (connect them where you want in this case, just make sure to select the correct device in the repeater) and foobar goes to your Headset directly (so configure its output to your Headset). And as usual, as long as your streaming/recording tool uses the default playback device (or you selected VAC Line1), the music will be excluded and only you will hear it.

  10. Slipperyslippy says:

    I tried this out to stream some Metro Last Light while in Teamspeak with my friends, and everything worked great, except I kept getting some annoying crackling which apparently did not come through to the stream according to my friends, Any ideas?

  11. Kostek says:

    Hello Jack0r. Thank You for this guide. I would like to achive this status. Streaming with OBS = game sound +foobar music and (at same time) Local Recording = game sound minus foobar music.

    Is this doable? If so could You kindly explain to me how …

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Well, currently for this you have to setup two instances of OBS, then it would be possible. For the first instance you record your headset for example in OBS, that hears game sound and music, and on the second instance for the local recording, you just record the VAC Line1 for example, that is your default playback device and hears the game sound. (As shown in the guide :))

  12. OKM says:

    I tried everything in this guide, got mostly a good result but not my desired outcome. I want to exclude teamspeak/mumble from my broadcasts because I do not want people listening to chatter on mumble/ts. How do I exclude the audio from OBS?

    • OKM says:

      I want to also clarify that I’m getting sounds from browser/desktop/my own voice into OBS when I want to exclude ALL of that and only have in game audio recorded.

      • RobinJack0r says:

        You might want to scroll up and read the “Good” and “Bad” sections again. Unless the Game you play allows you to select the Audio output device, you cannot split it from Browser/desktop sound. As explained in the guide, all programs that offer us no option to select the Audio device will use the default playback device.
        So while we can exclude Mumble and Teamspeak etc, browser/desktop sound are not possible :(
        For your own voice you will probably want to either activate push to talk in OBS so you can sometimes talk to your viewers or just deactivate your microphone in the audio settings in OBS.

  13. salade2fruit says:

    Hi. Thank you for this tutorial.
    I’m using an Xonar DX and i don’t know which one to pick !?
    At first time i was looking for the second method but the driver and the software of the sound card cannot (or i don’t find it) don’t have “the option of splitting my front and back audio ports to get 2 seperate playback devices in Windows” however I’ve stereomix and wave activate too.
    Any ideas ?

  14. BeringTOm says:

    I tried to follow this guide, but i proved quite hard and i gave up, can i excluded other people on teamspeak from my stream? but keep everthing else and can this be achived without any fysical cabels? thank you for the guide.

  15. Dustin says:

    I have followed your sterio mix setup but am having an issue.

    My goal is to Livestream my game while using Mumble or Teamspeak. And not have Mumble/teamspeak play over my stream.
    And still have all sounds come through my headset.

    I have my headset plugged into the green/pink ports in the front of the computer, and an old headset i dont use plugged into the green port in the back of the PC.

    Ive set all the settings in your guide, if I set the Stereo Mix “Listen to” ‘front output#2, which is the headset i use’ this puts the mumble/teamspeak back over my OBS livestream again, defeating the whole purpose of this.

    Is there a way to accomplish what im trying to do? Because all this current setup does is not allow music to play over the stream. Or only allow game sounds etc play over the stream and not over my headset.


    • Dustin says:

      is my headset mic suppose to be pluggeg into the front audio port or back?
      When plugged into the front the mic works in mumble but not in OBS.
      If i manually set OBS to use the mic instead of set to default it starts to play Mumble/teamspeak over my stream again!?

      • RobinJack0r says:

        Hmm, in your case you would make sure your back ports are the default playback device and used in OBS. Mumble has to be set to output to your front output. The stereomix will then only forward game sound from the back port to the front port so you hear it in your headset, while OBS only hears the game sound.
        The mic can be plugged in wherever you want, back or front, just make sure its both selected in Mumble and OBS.

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    • RobinJack0r says:

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