How to use your 120/144Hz Monitor successfully (1 or 2 PC setup)


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6 Responses

  1. Beast96GT says:

    The 2 PC setup with a capture card by capturing on one display and previewing it on another is a great idea. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I suffer a massive performance issues when I do this. I’m running an NVidia Surround setup and using OBS to capture the center monitor (1080p @ 144hz g-sync) and previewing it on a 4th monitor (60hz). This causes my frames on surround to bottom out. So my thought is that copying from one display buffer over to another is a slow process. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. Ps2 says:

    BEST article by FAR!!!!!!HELPED ME A LOT with my streaming pc and my gaming pc with amd card.I fixed the tearing problem I had …I think i love you :p

  3. Ross says:

    Old article, but gold!! I will try this tonight, my issue was cloning with Nvidia, my 144hz monitor only allowed 120hz. So I will try this method with extended desktop. hopefully it will also allow g-sync to run properly.

  4. Domje says:

    Great guide so far, however I was using this method on my current setup( and I encountered another problem with audio delay. Do you have a guide or could you write one to have audio coming out of my USB headset primarily and also going to my streaming PC w/ the video?

    Tried using aux to line in on the capture card in my second PC and also miniDP-to-HDMI converter which didn’t carry audio :( – My twitter is @Domje if you could help!

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Hey, hmm the problem with USB devices is that we have no way to get their sound to a different device. So normally you have to use a second soundcard or VAC to get the sound to a second PC :/

  5. renjamolin says:

    Very useful information on how to use the Custom Resolution Utility by ToastyX in setting a 120hz monitor into its full refresh rate potential. I’m thinking about using the program on my new 120hz monitor at home. Thank you very much for this very helpful post. Cheers! ^_^