OBS Tutorials – League of Legends – Scene Switcher Plugin


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5 Responses

  1. Brandon says:

    my scene only switches to in-game league of legends the first time i log in whenever there’s a day where i am streaming. after the first game of the day, it never works. have to stop the stream and restart it just to have it show up on the stream. only the in-game [art, as well as the loading screen. everything else works fine all the time. what can be wrong? please help me. it’s never done this before. i used this program a year ago and streamed and it all was perfect. never changed any settings, simply updated obs, now it is all a mess. i also downloaded this scene switcher. … please help. best regards

  2. Diego says:

    No matter what i do, i can’t chose the lol folder. It keeps telling me it’s invalid

  3. Jeff says:

    um the dll isn’t showing up in the OBS plugins list can anyone help me?

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Did you extract the correct version, to the correct OBS folder?
      C:\Program Files\OBS\plugins for the 64bit plugin
      C:\Program Files(x86)\OBS\plugins for the 32bit plugin
      and make sure you run the appropriate version of OBS. Its noted in the title if the 32 or 64bit version is running.