Multi-Source streaming Setup


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2 Responses

  1. doman18 says:

    Im looking for a similar answer as Douglas Ferrell does. Two or more streamers streaming to nginx server and i want to push one of them directly to some HDMI output like graphic card, Declinck monitor (like CasparCG does) or any other device that allowes me grab the signal on second PC directly as a video/audio source. As for multiple streams issue i was thinking about virtualization. But still dont know is there a possibility to effectively push singal to HDMI. Maybe i could play stream in fullscreen mode with mplayer on ngingx server and and grab it from some grabber on second pc but i think some quality would be lots this way.

  2. Douglas Ferrell says:

    I am wanting to setup multiple streams on one nginx-rtmp module, I have the server setup but I don’t see any good write ups on how to take two ppl’s streams into the server at the same time and output them into one OBS and back into the server to get pushed