Tweak your Windows Network Settings for NGINX


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  1. Ciaran says:


    I set up everything to stream from my PC via OBS to my 2nd PC which runs nginx+rtmp. When I start the PC and launch the service, start the stream and receive it with the 2nd PC, everything works fine and runs smoothly. But when I stop the preview in OBS on the 2nd PC and restart it, the video suddenly starts to stutter every few seconds. The rtmp stats show me, that I have massive frame drops in the video that is displaying in obs (the source is fine though). I really don’t know what to do. I was afraid that it had something to do with the CPU, so I disabled all power saving mechanics. It runs quite high (70%) but it should be fine. I dont see any reason why the video feed in obs starts lagging if I do not start streaming right after the reboot… Does not make any sense to me.. Any idea?