Two PC or one PC and Console Setup – Capture Card, Splitter, different Sound options


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4 Responses

  1. softxcore says:

    Hi with dual pc set up. How would you connect up the xlr mic , headphones and audio from the gaming pc to the streaming pc? Also will it be possible to make use of the dolby dts headphone with this set up?

  2. webtelles says:

    Hi Robin, Great tutorial, but I have some questions.

    I’ve trying to make a stable streaming station with my PS3 a PC and a streaming PC, Same as displayed.
    I have an Elgato capture card and my headset is a A40 with a mixamp 2013 and the soundcard of my pc is a Soundblaster X-fi fatality titanium pro.

    I have some issues such as no sound for PC, ps3 works fine. Any thoughts what could be wrong?

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Hey, sorry for my late reply but I am still struggling a bit, these Astro Mixamps are very often a problem, and I never got really into their setup.
      My first idea would be that your recording software might just record the mixamp OR the x-fi card but is missing the sound that is played through the other.
      So if your desktop sound runs through the x-fi but the software records the mixamp, that would explain why you cannot hear pc sound.
      If possible, try to use one soundcard only and if needed, just forward the sound to the other.