Useful Links

Alerts, Overlays:

Muxy – Alerts, Donations, more – Twitch
Ovrstream – Alerts, Notifications, more – Twitch, Youtube
StreamJar – Overlays, Donations, more – Twitch, Mixer, more
Streamlabs – Alerts, Donations, more – Twitch, Youtube, more
TipeeeStream – Alerts, Donations – Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, more

Tools, Utilities:

GamepadViewer – Show your Gamepad input on stream
Nohboard – Show your Keyboard input on stream

Streaming Software:

OBS Studio (OBS Project) – Free, Open Source, Mac, Windows, Linux
Gameshow (Telestream) – Free and Paid, Windows, Mac
Xsplit Broadcaster (SplitmediaLabs) – Free and Paid, Windows
Xsplit Gamecaster (SplitmediaLabs) – Free and Paid, Windows
Vmix (StudioCoast Pty Ltd.) – Free and Paid, Windows
Wirecast (Telestream) – Paid (Trial), Windows, Mac
Streamlabs OBS (Streamlabs) – Free, Open Source, Windows