VidStudio or vMix – Which one should I use?


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7 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    I downloaded VidStudio 1.81, but all the dialog boxes are incomplete or shrinked to the point that I can’t click on all the buttons or functions. Where did you download your version? is there a fix?

    • Jean says:

      This is because you have set your desktop settings to larger than 100%, maybe to make your font or icons bigger. Change your desktop settings back to 100%.

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  3. chimezie says:

    What type of cards can I use to capture videos from a camera, into vmix.

  4. maya says:

    I have one problem when using vmix and want to ask for your help => how to use Vmix with OBS?(Vmix seems to detect FME automatically…)

    thanks :)

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Hey, do you mean how you add it to OBS?
      You actually just add it as a source to the list by right-clicking -> Add -> Video Capture Device. Then a dialog opens up and you should be able to choose the vmix Video device in the dropdown, if its not selected right away.
      You might wanna activate custom resolution in this dialog and configure it according to the settings you use in vmix for the virtual camera output (you can find this in the vmix settings for external output if I remember correct).
      I hope this helps you, if you have further questions just post them here or join us on the OBS chat :)