Which Capture Card should I get for streaming or recording? And do I need one?


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  1. miss_drknlvly says:

    do I need a capture card of capture device to stream on ps4 with twitch?

  2. AAAA says:

    Elgato HD60 is a usb2.0 device.

  3. Patrick says:

    I just wanted to clarify something. I’m coming back to working with video after a few years of absence. You said “a Capture Card gives no significant performance boost anymore, compared to traditional capture methods”. Back when I was capturing video the best thing to have was an on-board encoder, but now things have changed with digital video. When you say “traditional capture methods” what are you referring to? Capture card vs USB, Thuderbolt etc?

    • RobinJack0r says:

      Maybe I should rephrase that a bit. With traditional, I mean, if you had no dedicated hardware you “traditionally” used screen-capture techniques in software form. These methods have come a long way and need less and less ressources. While the PC’s got more powerful at the same time, so they can easily capture their desktop now for example. In some cases the software can even use hardware capabilities to speed up this process and free up even more cpu power. (OBS is very good at this for example, and needs a slightly more powerful graphics card, compared to other software)