Activate your Stereo Mix

***FOR VIA High Definition Devices: You cannot use the independent Headphone setting if you want to use the Stereo Mix. It has to be set to “Redirected Headphone” in the VIA Control Panel.***

First of all we want to make sure you can see all Audio devices in your Windows System. So please open the control panel and then the Sound options:
For the moment we want to see all disabled and disconnected Devices. Switch to the Recording tab, activate the Stereo Mix if it is disabled.

If you do not see it, make sure you have the correct Drivers for your Audio Device installed. Do not use the standard Windows Update drivers. On some driver/chip versions it can be necessary to make the Stereo Mix the default device. Easiest way to test this is to play some music through the corresponding Playback Device(check the Playback tab to check the correct Standard Output is selected, the Stereo Mix will receive the Audio of the primary Output of the same sound-card, in my case the Speaker Realtek High Definition Audio) and then watch the Stereo Mix volume indicator: 

(If the playback volume indicator shows green lines but the Stereo Mix does not, check the Volume of the Stereo Mix, select its properties and the Levels tab, put its Volume up to 100%. Still no volume indicator movement? Set the Stereo Mix to be the Default Device)

Stereo Mix still not working? Try updating your drivers or use a Virtual Audio device setup with VB-Cable or Virtual Audio Cable instead.

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