Get a list of running processes

Similar to getting a list of installed programs with the PowerShell, you can grab a list of running processes and save it as a txt file using the older Command Prompt or as well using the PowerShell.

tasklist /v

This will print the list on screen, which makes it a bit hard to read, so its easier if we save it as a usable txt file with this command:

tasklist /v > tasklist.txt

The txt file will be saved in the folder you are currently using in the PowerShell/Command Prompt. If you get an access error you might have to switch the folder using the “cd..” and “cd FolderName” commandos. Now you could also compare this list with a second computer, check the running processes for programs you did never install yourself or upload the list to a forum for troubleshooting purposes. And dont forget, you can get a list of installed programs aswell.

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