Get your voice into OBS

Adding your own voice to a recording or stream is very easy with OBS.

Start OBS and click on Settings, then Audio:


  • Red: Here you select your Microphone or the device you want to use to get your Voice on the Stream
  • Green: You can activate the included Push-to-talk feature here and select a desired Hotkey. The delay allows you to push the key for a shorter amount of time while still sending a bit longer, so you can finish the last word.
  • Blue: These two Hotkeys allow you to mute your Microphone, in OBS that is, and/or your Desktop Sound. Both options will only mute the sound in OBS.
  • Purple: Boost allows you to give your Microphone Volume a Boost (multiple means 1 * X = final Volume)
    The Time Offset allows you to delay your Microphone so it fits your Webcam output for example.

To add more than one Microphone you can use the DShow Audio Plugin and with that also add it only to specific scenes if you want and not have it active at all times. You also have the option to use a Noise-Gate to control the minimal Volume that is needed to activate the Microphone.

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