Get your Voice into XSplit

To get your voice into XSplit is fortunately quite easy. With a few simple clicks you should be ready to go.

Start up XSplit then click on “Tools” and “General settings”

(Depending on your license the view can differ a bit, the important part is the Audio area)

Choose your Microphone from the available devices in the dropdown menu.

  • “Audio Delay” gives you the ability to delay your voice if you run into sync problems on your stream.
  • “Silence detection” is a bit tricky as I could not get it to “detect” when I am talking or not.
  • If you run into problems getting your microphone to work you can try the “Use WinXP Sound” option to record your voice.

Else you might wanna hit up the XSplit Forums or Support chat.

And as always, post a comment if you have a question!

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