How to easily manage your Audio Inputs and Outputs in Windows?

On Windows we often have different Input and Output Audio devices we want to manage. Unfortunately Windows makes it quite complicated for example to just record the Sound of a single program or to send the same sound to two or more Outputs. Luckily the guys from VB-Audio Software created two programs for us that want to help us with exactly these problems. VoiceMeeter and VoiceMeeter Banana.

Voicemeeter gives us one Virtual Audio device and a software to Manage 3 Inputs (1Virtual, 2 Hardware [1 and 2]) and 3 Outputs (1 Virtual, 2 Hardware [A1 and A2]) through two Busses (A and B). 


This allows us to use two Microphones and two Headsets at the same time, for a Moderator setup.

  • For Hardware Input [1] and [2] select your Microphones.
  • In Windows set the “Virtual Input” (Voicemeeter VAIO) as the default Playback device.
  • For Hardware Out [A1] and [A2] select your two Headsets.
  • Select A and B for the Virtual Input to send your Desktop/Game Sound to both Headsets and to your recording or streaming software.
  • Select B as seen in the picture for [1] and [2] to send it to the Virtual Output that can be recorded or streamed. If you want to hear your Microphone Input in both Headsets you can select A as well.
  • In your recording or streaming software select the Virtual Output as your Audio Source.

Or to split our Game Sound of a Skype, Discord or TeamSpeak conversation. 

  • For Hardware Out [A1] select your Speakers or Headsets you want to use and activate A for the Virtual Input.
  • In Windows set the “Virtual Input” (Voicemeeter VAIO) as the default Playback device.
  • In your Voice Communication Software select your Headset or Speakers as the Output device.
  • Set your recording or streaming software to use the Virtual Input as its Audio Source.

Voicemeeter Banana gives use one more Hardware Input and Output to use as well as a second full Virtual Audio device. At the same time as you can see below, there are a few more options available. So you can for example output the Microphone input of your Partner to your Headset and your Microphone input to his Headset, without getting an echo of yourself as in the setup above. You can also add a 3rd Mic and Headset as well as 2 separate Audio Sources. Virtual Input 1  could receive the sound of the game you are commentating while Virtual Input 2 could receive Music for your viewers that can be mixed in when needed.


Both programs pretty much give you the equivalent of a Hardware Mixer, but in software form and for free.  You simply download either program, install it and reboot your PC once. Afterwards the configuration is done in seconds. There are also a huge amount of further options available that would take several more pages of text to describe. 

Apart of the simple volume management, noise gate, equalizer and mixing capabilities you can even send your sound over the network to a second PC if you wish to do so. Overall if you are fed with the Windows Audio Management you should definitely take a look at Voicemeeter or Voicemeeter Banana for the enthusiast. 

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