How to include one or more Audio Sources in your Stream with or without hearing them

To include an Audio source which is not running through our standard playback device we have two options:

  • combine it with a source we can select or which is already used in our favorite streaming/recording tool
  • or add it as its own source (if your software allows this)

So let us take a look at some examples, first we will combine it with a source we can select or already use:

include audio(2)

  • Headset: Game and TS/Mumble/Skype
  • Speakers: Music Foobar/Winamp/Windows Media Player
    • some music players and for example sound of a browser will not work
  • Stream: Game and music

For this setup we will in most cases need 3 Virtual Audio Cables (later called “Lines”).

  • VAC Line 1 will be our default playback device in Windows. It will receive the audio of the Game.
    • under recording set its properties to listen to your Headset device, this will send the Game Audio to your Headset
  • VAC Line 2 will be used within our music-software (again, you can directly use your Speaker device if it has a Stereomix).
    • under recording set its properties to listen to your Speakers device this will send music to the speakers
  • TS/Mumble/Skype have to use your Headset directly, so be sure to select it for as the Output/Playback device in those programs.
  • In your streaming/recording program select VAC Line 3 as your “Microphone”
  • Use a VAC repeater to forward Line2 to Line3 and set your Microphone to listen to Line3
Some more examples:
  • Let’s say, you do not want to hear the music in your speakers?
    • Just use VAC Line 2, send the microphone to Line 2 instead of 3, and use Line 2 in your recording tool but do not forward it to your speakers or headset.
  • You want to hear music, but your stream shall not?
    • Select your Headset device in your music-player and remove Line 2.
  • Want to add another sound source? For example to use your Line-In port and get console sound into your PC.
    • Just forward the Line-In using the listen to function to your desired device. Either your VAC Line 1, if you want to hear it, or Line 3, if not. Depending on your earlier setup of course.
  • You want TS/Skype or Mumble on Stream as well, but still split the Music to come out of your speakers?
    • VAC Line 1 can be totally replaced with your Headset device in this case, the rest stays the same.
As you can see, a lot of different combinations are possible and probably nearly everyone will be satisfied in the end. Just remember the following:
  • Send Audio to the playback or recording side of a VAC cable and you can “grab” it to send it further
  • Normal playback devices need a Stereomix or AllYouCanHear-Device to send Audio further
  • If you need to send Audio to two locations, use a Repeater
  • If you want to output a recording device on a playback device, use the listen function
And if you are not sure how to do any of the steps, maybe take a look at these guides:

Or ultimately, check the older guides! I hope everything is clear now but be sure to post a comment if you have questions or even a better/easier solution. Software mentioned/used in this guide:

  • Virtual Audio Cable
    • Create several virtual audio devices to forward/receive or alter sound
    • Link 1
    • Link 2
  • VB-Cable (alternative to VAC)
    • Create a virtual audio device (on donation 2 more) to forward/receive or alter sound

Thanks for reading!

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