How to split your Front and Back Audio Ports (VIA/Realtek)

Splitting the front and back audio ports of your Soundcard allows you to use various different Audio setups to in or exclude sound sources.

Below you can see the Realtek Control Panel (Asus styled) as well as an example Via Control Panel:

RT_CP_Audio VIA_CP_Audio(1)

Use the marked options to split your Audio ports, next we want to make sure you can see all Audio devices in your Windows System. So please open the control panel and then the Sound options:


For the moment we want to see all disabled and disconnected Devices. Later on you can deactivate both checkmarks. Similar to my example picture you should have a 2nd output device (Realtek or VIA) that might be disabled at the moment, then enable it. Now you are ready to go and use the split ports.

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