How to use the "listen" function of Windows properly

If you are like me and like to try every option your computer offers at least once, you probably already heard about or saw the listen tab every recording device in Windows (I think vista?? and later) has. Now what does this function do, how do we use it and why?

  • Send the Audio of a Recording device to a Playback device (for example use the Line-IN to play music off your MP3 Player through your speakers or include it on stream)
  • “Clone” the Audio output, if your Recording device receives Audio input of a playback device (Stereomix/AllYouCanHear devices)
There a probably more options I didn’t think of until now, but you get the idea. To use the listen to function is also pretty simple. First of all make sure your Recording device is receiving the audio you want to send further. Next get into the properties of your Recording device. In this example I want to use my Stereomix:

Switch to the “Listen” Tab, activate “Listen to this device” and finally just select your desired Output device. (This can of course be any of your Playback devices you have available in Windows, but be sure to not create a “loop”)

For questions or problems, just use the comment function or visit me on IRC Quakenet.

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