Is my ISP traffic shaping my connection?

Thanks to a guy on the #OBSproject Quakenet channel I found this pretty neat program by the Georgia Tech College. It´s called shaper probe! Grab it here!

The goal of DiffProbe is to detect if an ISP is classifying certain kinds of traffic as “low priority”, providing different levels of service for them. DiffProbe actively (and non-intrusively) probes the network path and tries to diagnose the nature and extent of traffic discrimination. ShaperProbe tries to answer the question:

  • Is the ISP shaping my traffic? In other words, is my “connection speed” dropped automatically to a low rate after some time?

It detects traffic shaping, which means that the customer gets a large rate for a certain number of bytes, and then the rate is dropped automatically to a lower value. If a user gets rate limited for certain time periods, he/she can detect that observing the capacity estimates given by ShaperProbe.
ShaperProbe is available for Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and FreeBSD.

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