OBS Tutorials – League of Legends – Scene Switcher Plugin

The League of Legends Scene Switcher allows you to automate your OBS for your next LoL match. You can completely concentrate on the game while OBS does the rest for you. First of all you of course need to download the plugin:

League of Legends Scene Switch

You can get the plugin both for the 32bit and 64bit version of OBS. Make sure which version you are using by either entering its folder and checking the location, or by opening your last log file and checking this:

C:\Program Files\OBS\plugins is the 32bit path on a 32bit Windows System 
BUT also the 64bit path on a 64bit Windows System, if you have no x86 folder as mentioned below you are on a 32bit Windows
C:\Program Files(x86)\OBS\plugins is the 32bit folder on a 64bit System

After you placed the correct DLL file into the OBS plugins folder, you can start OBS and we can check that the Plugin is installed correctly. Just click on the Plugins button and you should see the plugin on the list:


Using the configure button in this dialog you can setup all settings:


Before we can configure the plugin, we have to create our Scenes though, so lets see what kind of scenes we need:

  • When LoL gets closed
  • When tabbed out of LoL
  • In loadscreen (single scene or for each map)
  • In game (single scene or for each map)
  • On end message (single scene or for each map)

Now it of course depends on what you want to do, for example each of the options can be active or inactive, so you only have to use the ones you want. The example configuration I used in my video can be seen below:


The “Tabbed” scene shows my whole desktop (under Windows 8 with a Monitor capture), it gets activated if I exit LoL completely or if I tab out to check my browser for example. For the loadingscreen I created its own scene, but not a map specific one. I could also have used the ingame scene if I dont want to add anything else to the loading screen than to the ingame scene.  And on the end of a match I just used a Scene showing my desktop, of course you could use a totally different scene with images or music or whatever you want to.

The  intervall for checking sets the maximum time it might take for OBS to switch the scene (or more technical, for the plugin to recognize it has to switch the scene), so 300ms should be just fine. You can of course use the forum post to ask the plugin developer “Sphere” directly if you have problems, but for simple stuff you can as always also post the question below in the comments. See you soon for the next tutorial!


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