Multi-PC Setups

In this Guide I will talk about different Multi-PC Setups. They will allow you to input different sources or capture a high quality recording while doing a stream at different settings or with different stuff on the scene. It mainly depends on your imagination and plans…

Three PC streaming setup

This setup is pretty straight forward as you can see in the picture, it will allow you to input Videos or other footage of a third PC into your streaming program. In the Streaming PC I use two different Capture Devices to get two HDMI inputs into one stream. The Laptop mainly is used for Videos and stuff to be shown in brakes.

Using a HDMI splitter wont work with consoles that protect their HDMI output with HDCP. Their are some Splitters that claim to remove those signals, but you will have to try on your own if that really works. For a normal HDMI Splitter, I recommend looking for good reviews, newest HDMI standards and the ability to send over all types of HDMI signals (Video / Audio and 3D capabilities).

For the Voice Input I just clone my Microphone on the Main PC and send it to the Streaming PC using a local Teamspeak server. This gives me near zero delay and I wont need a secondary Mic.
The audio setup on my Gaming PC allows me to only send Sound over HDMI if I want to, and I can decide which sounds, and whatnot. A combination of my onboard Soundcard and Virtual Audio Cable allows me nearly every freedom to mix sounds. Only Windows gives a few limits.

High quality streaming and recording

Shown in the example picture is a setup which allows you to stream your content, including Teamspeak and for example a Webcam with some overlays, while the second PC can still record untouched footage with only the game sound.


You simply need to use my Audio guides to exclude or split all Audio sources you dont want to have on the HDMI output. On the streaming PC you would mix in Music and Teamspeak sound, so the third PC could record the Main sound only. For example your Game sound. Instead of using a splitter and HDMI cables, you could also do a low CPU but high bitrate usage setup on the gaming PC, stream this to a local media server and re-encode it on the second and third PC combined with whatever you like. Video editing would allow you to choose when and if your Video needs Teamspeak sound, and simply mix the recorded audio track of your streaming PC 1 onto Video track of the High Quality recording (streaming PC2). This setup can be done in probably a hundred different ways. It will also allow you to add stuff to either your stream or recording which wont be shown on the other.

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