OBS: How to downscale or resize, and whats point filtering?

The Open Broadcaster Software currently (v0.522b) gives us two options to stream or record our footage on a different resolution than our input resolution. I dont want to talk about why you want to change your output Resolution as there are several reasons for this, so lets get on to our available options:


Instead of setting your Desktop/Footage resolution, you simply enter your desired Output resolution and resize every source to fit your scenes. Remember if you change your Output resolution you may have to reorder and resize your sources! This also allows you to do a 16:9 stream with 4:3/5:4/16:10 or even 21:9 input sources. See this Guide for more info.


We set our Input Resolution to our Desktop/Footage Resolution. In the drop-down menu we select our desired Downscale Setting and this allows us to use 1-3 different Filter Techniques(depending on the chosen downscale).


Lanczos uses 36 samples of the input image to get the smoothest resize result. Bicubic might result in a sharper picture compared to lanczos while Bilinear is the simplest method which might also slightly reduce the load on your gpu but only by a very small margin. If you choose a high downscale factor, e.g. very small downscale resolution, you cannot use lanczos or bicubic in some cases.

Point Filtering

Window, Monitor and Video Capture also allow you to choose the Point Filtering option. (Activated in the source properties) Normally you would use this only if you upscale your input. On higher downscale/resize values (meaning smaller picture output sizes) you can try activating this option for an even sharper picture.

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