Show Date, Time, Countdown, Twitch Viewers or even System Info in OBS

Today I want to show you two different small but very nice Tools for OBS.


First of all we have the Date and Time Plugin. As the name implies you can use it to show either only the current day, or current time or a custom string showcasing both in OBS.
Second but with a lot more options we have Snaz by Jimmy Appelt. It has a quite extensive feature list already but is still small in size and cpu usage:

  • System time
  • System date
  • Countdown to specified time (Ex. Stream live in: 0h 30m 12s)
  • Chrono Down: Countdown from value
  • Chrono Up: Count up from value
  • Text line changer Extended (Unlimited textlines that can be moved, activated, deactivated, randomized, etc.)
  • Amount of current Twitch viewers
  • System Info

For the Date Time Plugin we need two files:

  1. Date Time Plugin
  2. CLR Host Plugin

Install the CLR Host Plugin as usual and paste the Date Time Plugin into the CLRHost folder, on the next start of OBS you can now add a Date Time Source to your OBS:


Most options should be self explanatory but if you are not sure how to go from here, check my Video for this Plugin.


If you need more options or want to add other stuff than just the Date and Time, then you just have to download and install SNAZ



Every feature of SNAZ gives you the option to Copy its “Path” to the Clipboard. This “Path” can then be used within OBS as a Text-Source:

obs_snaz_2You can then use the usual options provided by OBS to style your Text further. As always, if you have questions and the Video did not help you either, just post them below!

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