Possible setup solutions for a Multi-View(PiP) stream

This time I want to give you a brief overview of how to accomplish streaming more than one “video source” at the same time. Co-Op game play, Clan-Matches with more than one viewpoint. Hunger-Games with several streamers. So far I have seen different needs and setups that can be used to accomplish these things.

  • Two or even more PC’s capable of streaming (internet) third PC also capable of streaming
    • One player sends its stream directly to the second guy or sends it to a streaming service, both using the internet, the second PC then sends the final stream. Both need good Upload, the receiving PC also a good download.
  • Two or even more PC’s capable of streaming (local) third PC also capable of streaming
    • Only one internet connection is needed and a good local area network. First PC streams to second and then its being sent out to the internet. (Can also input more than one PC)
  • Two PC´s (local) monitor can be cloned to a free Graphics Card output / splitter, third PC with two capture cards capable of streaming
    • The third, ore one of the gaming PC’s (if its powerful enough) needs two capture-cards or one with hybrid input (only a few available to my knowledge) and one good internet connection
  • One console with one PC capable of streaming (most simple Co-Op setup, game needs to support this) (local)
    • Your favorite Game on console or PC supports split-screen, no need for anything special, your fine ;)
  • Two consoles with two PC’s (internet) one good download AND upload, one needs good upload at least
    • Unfortunately your game on console only supports Co-op over internet, you need two PCs that are capable of capturing your console, one player with good upload and one with good up and download.
  • Two consoles with two PC’s (local) both PC capable to capture consoles
    • This time leave out the internet as you can use system link for example, you only need one good internet connection for streaming and the same setup as in a two PC local setup.
  • Three way setup with external caster (internet/local mixed)
    • Every player needs a capable PC and internet connection, the caster needs good download and capable upload. You can use the internet or local streaming dependent on your players locations.

Now I want to give you some more info on what you need for the different setups:

  • Streaming directly to another PC:
    • Software like XSplit (v1.1 and above in the premium version) can do a so called Local streaming. This stream can also be received over the internet (as far as I know by now) and can then be used as an Input Source. Another way is setting up a Custom RTMP Server like Nginx, Red5, Wowza or Adobe Flash Media Server on the receiving PC. Capable stream software can include this sources as well. This setup can be done cost friendly or cost intensive if you buy for example a special RTMP Server or capable software. Another cost friendly way (check if your stream service allows this) is for the first player to already stream its game play to a stream service in the first place, the second player adds this stream as a source using the stream service as the RTMP server mainly.
  • Capturing with more than one Capture-Card / a Hybrid Capture Card:
    • Both players are at the same location and you have one PC spare or one PC capable of gaming and streaming at the same time. You need the desired capture cards which can be quite expensive buying two of them and needing a spare PC maybe. This way the least delay between both inputs is accomplished. (except for the split-screen setup)

You have to remember the first player, streaming over the internet to you, will have a slight delay as he has to send his picture to you and you have to encode it to grab it. If you are both streaming local, the delay should be quite equal. The three-way setup is just listed as a possible solution, its quite similar to the Two PC with internet setup.


If you found the perfect setup for your ideas in this list you should google some more specialized tutorials or check if we already got them. Then decide which software you will use. And decide which hardware you want to buy AFTER reading the tutorials. Do not buy anything you will not need at all!

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