Professional Event Setup – Several Cameras, PC’s and a Master Server

Now both setups had the idea of producing two different Streams for two different Games. But if you want to do a professional Main Stage stream for example, with multiple Cameras, live footage of all players (in the example two) and footage of both commentator PCs you might want to use a dedicated PC which is able to receive all those inputs. Either with mutliple Capture Cards or with the earlier mentioned server setup (or with a capture card that allows you to receive multiple inputs at the same time).



The “Server” receives all the streams and is controlled by one person (I will call him the “Controller” from now on). Commentators and players dont have to worry about anything, the Controller does all work of switching inputs, controlling audio volumes, changing scenes, etc..
I have to mention again, this setup needs pretty much professional hardware (Capture Cards with multiple inputs are expensive for example, and the “Server” has to be a powerful machine to manage those) but in theory you could also work with local streaming capabilities that are available nowadays. For example each Commentator PC and both Player PCs would create LAN only streams and send them to the server. The different Event Cameras would also need PCs connected to produce streams for each of them. On the server you would then have all input streams available as RTMP “sources” and could mix them with a software like VMix or OBS.
I could probably do more setups examples with different numbers of In and Outputs. But this should give you a general Idea of what is possible and doable nowadays. As always, if you spot a mistake or have a question, just comment below!

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