Console Streaming Setup

A widely used Setup if you want to stream off your XBox, PS3, Wii or even a Super Nintendo (though you will have to change the setup depending on the system you use) The PC does all streaming work.


This setup is not as complicated as it looks, it depends on your usage if you need two microphones or one. In this case one will send your voice to your teammates on your console and the other will send it to your viewers on stream.

The splitter does the most important job so be sure it supports the resolutions you will be mainly using. It also has to use the corresponding inputs that your console is using. Check our Guide on how to find the correct video splitter. After you found the correct one you will connect the console to its input side and both your monitor as well as the capture card to the 2 outputs. In the case of an HDMI splitter as an example you also can grab the sound off your console that way. A few consoles allow you to use two outputs at the same time. In this rare case you would not need a splitter. Check this for the console in question.

After connecting all cables and booting Windows on the streaming PC, install your capture card, activate your Line-In port if you get audio that way, install your favourite streaming or recording software and start testing all the other details you will have to conquer/kill or absorb! (For most of those, we probably already have a guide)

One last thing to mention. Some consoles protect their output with HDCP and you will have problems capturing their outputs. This is another thing to check for your specific console.

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