Simple two PC Setup – Capture Card, no Video-splitter


This setup is not as complicated as it looks, as the “Main Audio Device” I use my “Onboard Sound”. A Y-Adapter splits the outcoming sound signal for the Headset and the streaming PC. Using the HDMI connector of my graphics card I could also send the audio to my capture card by using the stereo mixer. For now I use my DVI connector with an DVI to HDMI cable to connect to my capture card and the HDMI connector with an HDMI cable to my gaming monitor. I then bought a shielded stereo to stereo cable for about 10€ to connect my “Onboard Sound Speaker Output” to the “Line-In” port of the streaming PC, you can get a cheap Y-Adapter to also have your soundsystem connected to this source. The capture card could also input a seperate audio source using a stereo to cinch cable. Test for yourself. After connecting all cables and booting Windows you will want to set your Monitors on your gaming PC to duplicate/clone mode. So everything you play will be sent to your monitor and your capture card.

Gaming PC

Streaming PC

Onboard Sound Onboard Sound
HDMI Output HDMI Input
DVI/VGA Output
Lan Lan
Gaming Monitor Control Monitor

For the Console setup you will have to play the Game using the preview of your streaming application UNLESS your Capture device supports a passthrough option to connect your Monitor/TV or you might wanna check the setup on page 5 using a Video-Splitter. To end this quick setup a short-list of connections you will use:

Now start testing. Depending on your connection speed, capture card, CPU capabilities you will be able to get a very nice stream. Have fun!

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