Two PC or one PC and Console Setup – Capture Card, Splitter, different Sound options


The setup is not as complicated as it may look, it depends on your usage, if you need two microphones or one for example. In this case one would send your voice to your teammates and the other would send it to your viewers.

Using the HDMI connector of my graphics card I could also send the audio to my capture card by using the stereo mixer. For consoles you have to pick the capture card according to the Output capabilities of your Console. For HDMI its of course similar, but for consoles you will often have to use RGB, S-VHS or similar Inputs. A splitter can often do the most important job so be sure it supports the resolutions and inputs you will be using. Now, as seen in the example picture, you connect one HDMI cable off your console or pc to the Splitter. Then one of the Splitter outputs gets a cable to the capturecard in your streaming PC and the other one goes to your gaming Monitor or TV.

After connecting all cables and booting Windows on the streaming PC, install your capture card, install your favourite streaming or recording software and start testing all the other details you will have to conquer/kill or absorb!

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