Two PC Setup – Capture Card, no Video-splitter, Two-Soundcards/Audio Outputs

2pc streaming setup.fw(2)

My setup is quite simple, as the “Main Audio Device” I use my “Onboard Sound”. The only important thing, it has a “Stereo Mixer” which can be set to output to any audio device (use as playback device in options). In this case my “USB Soundcard”. Any sound that is played over the “Standard Output Deice” (Music/Games/Teamspeak) will be sent out your speaker port on the front and/or back of your case, depending if you connected your onboard soundcard to the front audio ports. Also everything you play will be “doubled” by the “Sterero Mixer” and sent over to your “USB Soundcards Output”, in this case my Headset. I then set my voice tool on the gaming computer to output to my “USB Soundcard” instead of the “Standard Output Device”. This can be done in many voice communication tools. I now have my voice tools sound seperated of the rest.

Using the HDMI connector of my graphics card I could also send the audio to my capture card by using the stereo mixer. But after testing alot I couldn´t get rid of a slight but annoying sound delay while recording or streaming. So for now I use my DVI connector with an DVI to HDMI cable to connect to my capture card and the HDMI connector with an HDMI cable to my gaming monitor. I then bought a shielded stereo to stereo cable for about 10€ to connect my “Onboard Sound Speaker Output” to the “Line-In” port of the streaming PC. The capture card could also input a seperate audio source using a stereo to cinch cable, but I had the same delay I mentioned earlier, using this method.

After connecting all cables and booting Windows you will want to set your both connected “monitors” on your gaming PC to clone mode. So everything you play will be sent to your monitor and your capture card. Activate your “Stereo Mixer” and set it according to your devices and whishes. On the streaming PC, install your capture card, activate your Line-In port, install your favourite streaming or recording software and start testing all the other details you will have to conquer/kill or absorb!

To get your own voice on your stream you have several options:

  • The first way is one of the easiest and maybe dumbest you´ll ever heard of: Install your favourite voicetool on your second PC. Connect with both tools to the same server and channel and set your streaming tool to recognize the second PCs sound. If you are allready using a voice tool with your mates just connect your second PC to this channel and mute everyone that shouldnt be heard on stream. Remember you will hear them through your headphone.
  • The second way is to set your microphone as a playback device and send its sound to your “Onboard Sound” Output. But remember, you also hear everything that is played on your “Onboard Sound” so you will hear yourself all the time, which can be quite disturbing but also good to keep your voice in balance.
  • The third way would be to use “Virtual Audio Cable” or a similar free product. It will give you a virtual cable you can use to split your voice and other sounds once more before you output anything. There are alot of Tutorials you can find about setting up this program but heres a short one: “VAC Line 1” has to be “Main Output Device”, create a second “VAC Line”, send your MIC as playback device to this “VAC Line 2”. Now setup Line 1 and 2 to playback to the “Onboard Sound Speaker Output” and use a provided “Audio Repeater” to send “VAC Line 1” Input to your “USB Sound”.

Questions, additions, recommendations? Use the comments!

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