Useful AutoHotkey Scripts for your Streaming/Recording

There are of cause a lot of scripts available for autohotkey, but today I want to show you just a few scripts I picked out that can be useful while streaming or recording stuff. For all tools I offer you the compiled executable file which you can run right away, as well as the autohotkey-file to edit and change if you need or wish. You can for example change the set hotkeys.

First I have a little “Multi-Tool” for you. It can make the active Window: Borderless, Always on Top, Click-through and/or transparent:
Window-Manager compiled exe

  • Control-Alt-O: make window always on top
  • Win-W: make window borderless
  • Alt-W: make window less transparent
  • Alt-S: make window more transparent
  • Alt-X: make window clickthoughable
  • Alt-Z: make window under mouse unclickthroughable

Window-Manager ahk file

Our second tool allows you to rename a Window. This can be useful to capture two instances of one program with your streaming tool. In this case I want to give you the AutoHotkey Code as you will want to change it for your purpose:

WinSetTitle, Untitled - Notepad, , This is a new title

Run this script, open a Notepad window (no file) and press control+alt+r and the title of Notepad will change from “Untitled – Notepad” to “This is a new title”. Change the script as you want, you can also remove the hotkey, it will then automatically rename the window as soon as you run the script.

Last but not least I have a script that allows you to hide any program in your System tray. For example to de-clutter your taskbar while streaming. It includes a complete menu and alot of options, but you better check those out yourself:

Min2Tray compiled exe
Min2Tray ahk file

As mentioned, there are countless things you can do with AutoHotkey scripts. If you are interested by now, check out the manual to find out about all its options and see the AHK Forums for example scripts etc. As always, comment if you have another good script or a question!

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