Useful Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Plugins

You probably already heard about OBS, which is a free and open source alternative to programs like Wirecast and XSplit. It was created October 2012 and has been updated a lot since then. A very nice feature that has been added and later tuned is the Plugin “system”. It allows creative people to create all kinds of their own plugins. Normally you have to keep an eye on this Forum:
But I thought a little overview of the, to my mind, most useful plugins would allow more people to start using them. So let´s start right away with two very useful plugins made by Faruton.

For the Automation of OBS there is also a very nice plugin available:
To use more than two Audio Devices with OBS (Webcams/Capture Cards as audio source without Video, or a secondary Sound device used for Music playback) paibox made a very nice plugin:
Last but not least there is also a whole plugin to manage your OBS remotely:
  • OBS Remote
    • Allows you to change scenes, preview your stream using the browser, managing OBS while its in the background from a second PC/Tablet/Phone(with good Browser support)
    • OBS Remote
You can find even more Plugins if you look through the forum, but these are currently probably the most used/most useful ones. If you have problems or found an error in one of the Plugins, you can post to its thread on the forum and get help by the community or the creator of the Plugin.

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