Useful streaming and recording Tools

As a streamer and youtuber I am always looking for useful tools that can simplify my work flow or add useful information to my stream. In this article I want to share some of the most useful ones I found and regularly use.

Excerpt of the current functions:
    • System time
    • System date
    • Countdown to specified time
    • Chrono Down : Countdown from value
    • Chrono Up : Count up from value
    • Text line changer (3 lines) – by interval of seconds
    • Amount of current Twitch viewers

These information are output to different text files which can the be loaded with a Title/Text plugin into your favorite streaming application.

In combination with the famous mIRC this tool allows you to either output your twitch chat to text files and add them to your streaming program, but it also allows you to overlay the chat over your game so you can see it as well and interact with your viewers without the need of a 2nd PC.
Most software to show your pressed keys on screen is very expensive. Programs like Hot-Virtual-Keyboard come to my mind, which cost 30$ and more. Nohboard can do the same for you and it also allows a lot of customization. Just give it a try, and if you miss something you could also add it yourself to the source-code on github.
This tool, similar to Nohboard, allows you to show your X-Box 360 for Windows controller input on stream. The source-code is also included in the file and it could probably be changed to fit your desired controller.
If you use XSplit or OBS and always wanted to show nice scoreboards, or change scores more easily, you will love this tool. You can even do animated Tables or use it to show your current commentators. (OBS support is quite new and might have problems)
Are you using more than one computer at the same time? Then you probably already know of programs like Mouse Without Borders or Synergy, which allow you to use one keyboard and mouse on different PCs. But this can be still a hassle if you just want to press a single button on the second pc which could also be activated by a hotkey. This is where HotkeyNet comes into play, as it allows you to send Hotkeys over the network connection of your computers. The second computer will receive the hotkey like it would have been pressed on that PC.
Well thats it for now, if you know a good program that would fit into this list, please post a comment or message me directly!

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