VB-Cable – The free alternative to VAC

In most of my audio guides and tutorials so far I used or mentioned VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) from time to time. The software is unfortunately not free but in many cases very useful. A virtual audio device can be used to exclude sound from your stream or recording for example. 

Most alternatives you can find on the internet are sometimes even more expensive or just rubbish, but recently I had time to take a closer look at the VB-Cable from VB-Audio Software. They offer the cable for free and give you the option to donate for two more cables.

Just replace my VAC cables in the guide with VB-Cable and you are good to go. But they have more to offer. For example if you regularly have a co-commentator that is supposed to hear your match and uses a secondary microphone. Voicemeeter can come in handy then. It allows you to manage two Hardware Inputs (Microphone A and B for example) and one Virtual (your desktop sound or game sound) as well as two Hardware Outputs (two Headsets, or your Headsets and Speakers) and one Virtual (for example your recording software). All these devices can be managed in one interface:

voicemeeterBut if this is not enough for you and you need some more options on how to mix the different in and outputs you might want to checkout Voicemeeter Banana. Which adds one Hardware and one Virtual device for each the In and Output.voiceVoicemeeter Banana lets you decide for each of the Inputs which Output it should go to. It also gives you panning, equalizer and compression/noise gate options. Plus all the things I probably havent found out yet. So be sure to give it a try and check out the documentation.



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