VidStudio or vMix – Which one should I use?

I found two very useful programs to add different types of media to your stream. Both are similar but also have different options. VidStudio is completely free to use, vMix on the other hand, offers you a 60-day Trial to test its full functionality. You will now get a short overview of both Programs, and some example Screenshots.

  • VidStudio

    • Camera source – support of video capture devices ( web cameras, tv tuners, capture boards )
    • Video file source – all your media files are supported
    • Slideshow source – making a slideshow from your local images
    • Desktop source – capture desktop area (fullscreen, defined area, mouse area)
    • DirectX/OpenGL – hook external application to use as a video source
    • VidStudio Camera – virtual camera device (directshow filter)
    • Scene Manager – control channel switching, create your own video layouts
      • 10 Scenes, 10 ID´s max
    • Image Overlay – supports all kind of transparent image formats
    • Image Background – specify background of video window
    • Network Transmitter – send live video to another PC running VidStudio’s NetBridge
      • only for Lan connections, Gbit prefered
    • Video Recorder – record your production to local hard disk
    • Sound Control – control audio record source
    • Video Effects – adding effects like chroma key, snow, rain, b&w and etc.
  • vMix

    • Camera source
    • Video file source
    • DVDs – With menu navigation
    • Audio Files – MP3 and WAV
    • Audio Devices – Utilise multiple audio sources with full mixing capability including SoundCard and DeckLink audio
    • Video and Audio PlayLists – Combine multiple video and/or audio files into a single Input for sequential playback
    • PowerPoint, Photos, Flash, RTMP, Solid Colour
    • Recording, Streaming, Fullscreen Output at the same time
    • Virtual Sets
    • Title Manager with Templates – Scoreboards, scrolling Text, etc.
    • Built-In Audio Mixer
    • Live Video Effects – Saturation, Alpha, etc.
    • Multi View – Picture in Picture and similar
    • 4 Overlay Channels
    • Touch Screen Web Interface
    • probably something I forgot to mention

Overall vMix supports quite a few more input sources and in my tests it worked without any hick-ups (VidStudio gave me some brainfreezing). Im still on my 60 day trial for vMix but already quite overwhelmed by its features and the low cpu usage. In the example Screenshots you can see both Programs sending their output directly to OBS and XSplit. They can be added like a webcam to almost any Program that supports Camera/Webcam input under Windows (VLC, Skype, and similar).

You will have to check yourself if the functionality of VidStudio is sufficient for your needs or if you want the full power of vMix. The very basic version of vMix is free but limited in Inputs, Resolution and Overlay Channels. For the HD and higher versions without limits the price varies between 59$ and 700$.

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